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We’ve recently upgraded facilities and moved into a BRAND NEW location at 107 Blenheim Road! Here at Affinity we believe in space, convenience and freedom. Train hard without feeling the heat of another member! Enjoy the convince of 24/7 access to all our facilities! Love the Freedom of having a huge range of gear to use and customise your workout to! If you would like to see it for your self, pop in for a tour with one of our friendly staff. Otherwise, have a browse of our interior gallery below.

  • WE'RE IN!

    We’ve opened our New Facility, all guns blazing! Come check out our awesome gym environment with some of the most modern facilities in town. Being on the fringe of the CBD with ample parking there’s no better place to train in Christchurch!

  • Premium new equipment

    Develop your training style with a diverse range of cardio, weight lifting and functional strength equipment to cover all your fitness needs!

  • Spacious Training Areas

    Our modern training areas are designed for customised fitness methods from a full boxing area to weight sled and turf!

  • doubled in size! NOW 1000sqm+

    With this amount of space, there is even less crowding for more privacy and engagement with your workout plan! Leaving you to Feel free to focus on improving yourself day on day!

Premium Facilities

We’ve got luxurious modern facilities designed to create comfort, increase usability and support your privacy. Leave the gym feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on the day!

  • New Showers, Toilets & change areas

    High quality private bathrooms with changing areas featuring the best GHD straighteners, hairdryers and mirrors.


    Battling new Zealand weather can be tough, why risk it when you can train in a tempered fresh air environment.

  • Gym lounge area

    An area designed to for you to relax, grab a drink, chat and recuperate after a training session. Enjoy informative drop-in sessions from special guests as well as product feature evenings!

  • Consultation Room

    A new modernised room for you to meet with our personal trainers, helping you plan your fitness journey in comfort.


    We have installed two fully filtered and chilled water fountains. Full on refreshment at your convenience!

Womens Gym facilitiesWomens bathroom
Gym Training Area
Gym Lounge Area

"Best gym I’ve come across! Friendly helping staff and PT’s I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else. The pricing puts the icing on the cake as well. You guys are great!"

- Caleb M.

Cardio Room - Gym and Fitness

sky view cardio area

  • Cardio with a view

    Our facility boasts a mezzanine cardio area, with a North facing view over looking Riccarton. Embrace the feeling of outdoors, without the risk of poor weather!

  • The Latest Equipment

    Along with the classic cardio equipment, we use some of the latest models of steppers, cross trainers, treadmills, spin bikes and stretch gear.

  • Room to Breathe

    We’ve got more cardio equipment than you can poke a stick at, allowing you to continue to train with your friends without ever feeling cramped or pressured to move on.

BRAND NEW Equipment

  • functionally fit

    Due to popularity we’ve increased focus on functional strength based equipment. This includes additional space for the weighted sled, bodyweight area and even tyre flipping in our outdoor area arriving in 2019!

  • Get your squat on

    Brand new purpose built squatting racks. There’s no better place to train with power lifting.

  • Bag training

    A large open bag training area with 100 square metres of open space to train in any way you want. Be creative!

Boxing Bags - Boxing bag training
Weights area - Weights & fitness
Squat machine area christchurch

"Awesome gym, well maintained and friendly staff. Joined at the start of the 2015 year as the other gym I was at was too busy. I've never had a problem doing a workout at Affinity since, it has lots of floorspace and enough equipment variety to let you have a good workout without having to stop and wait for free equipment. The variety also allows you to mix things up in regards to crossfit and cardio exercises too. A+"

- Nathan D.H.

Blenheim Road, Riccarton

Affinity Fitness lies in the heart of Riccarton, including a rear access from Princess Street to avoid any traffic! We have plenty of allocated parks, and we're surrounded by multiple retail outlets and cafes.

Just Some of Our equipment

  • Technogym Visioweb Treadmills
  • Technogym Visioweb upright & Recline Bikes
  • Technogym Visioweb Crosstrainers
  • Technogym Spin Bikes & Stretch Machines
  • Concept 2 Rowing Machines
  • Hammer Strength Plate Load Chest Press
  • Full Commercial Cages & Platforms
  • Full Commercial Pin Load Prone Hamstring Curl & Leg Extension
  • Full Commercial Pin Load Lat Pull Down
  • Full Commercial Pin Load Standing Calf Raise
  • Full Commercial Standing Power Squat Plate Load
  • Full Commercial Plate Load 45 Degree Leg Press
  • Fixed Barbell Sets x2
  • Full Commercial Preacher Bench & Plate Load Curl
  • Affinity Fitness Custom Dumbells 10 - 50kg
  • Additional Power Plates
  • Turf & Sled Area
  • 3x Boxing Bags + Gear

Gym Reception Area - Affinity Fitness