Body Audit is Coming Back to Affinity Fitness

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Body Audit NZ’s – Mobile Body Composition Testing service is coming back to Affinity Fitness on Tuesday 18th June from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Using Body Audits service is a great way to find out what is happening inside your body including your muscle mass and body fat especially finding out what your Visceral fat level (bad fat around your organs). Instead of focusing on the scales (weight) you can now find out what that weight is made up of and now track your changes.

You will receive a printed A4 sheet of your results, full explanation and access to our Evolt Active App which stores, compares and even gives you your personalised macro-nutrients calculated from your results.

Scans cost $45 and it takes around 10mins.

To book your appointment time, please click this link

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, select Affinity Fitness and follow the prompts.

*** For accurate results it is very important to follow the scan preparation sheet which you will find on our front page of our website.

For more information about Body Composition Testing or to see the scan process please check out the Body Audit website

We are looking forward to seeing everyone, we know you will be impressed!

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