Personal Trainer Guide

Congratulations and Welcome to the team at Affinity Fitness. We are excited to have you on board. Listed Below is all the information you will need to get started and operate a successful Training business at our facility.

The Initial PT Set-up

Get Started



These files are also saved on the PT computer. Please make a copy and save it to your folder. You can either use the digital version or the paper form.

PT Invoice Template

Fitness Measurements & Information Sheet

PT Introduction Session Form 

2 Day Gym Training Program 

3 Day Gym Training Program 

4 Day Gym Training Program 

5 Day Gym Training Program 


Once you are loaded on our system you will receive an invitation to the email you have provided. It will ask you to set a new password. Your login will be used for the following:

Finding and Viewing Client profiles
This feature is useful if you require further information on your client. E.g. Photo, Age, past medical history, Emergency contact.

Schedule (bookings and calendar)
This is where you can record your upcoming and past training sessions with clients. You are not required to use this as your diary but the resource is there if you choose to.

Booking for the pt room
Please note the PT room MUST be booked each time it is used. This will ensure PTs do not double book the room with other PTs.
(select these by clicking the top left tab and going down to facilities).

  • If you fail to book the room and the room is in use by another PT, the other PT has the right to the PT room.
  • Also please ensure you only book the Room for the portion of the session that you will spend in the room. For example, if you have an hour session with half being in the room and half on the gym floor please only book the room for the 30 minutes you require it.
  • When taking client bookings we recommend you have this tab open on your mobile phone so you can check if the room is available.
PT Rental

Customer Profile: You may note that there is another profile setup in GymMaster under your name in the members' tab. This profile is for office use only. It details your personal info and has your rental payments loaded on it. If you note any issues with this please contact Zane to discuss.

Rental Payments
Your rental payments will be set up to come out from the start date (a Monday) you select and will be charged each Monday from that date.

Rental Freeze
You have the ability to Freeze your Rental for a total of 6 weeks per year. The minimum you can freeze your rental for is 1 week and the maximum is 6 weeks. To freeze your rental please contact Zane. Please note that you may not train clients in the gym while your rental is frozen.

Other Fees

  • Initial set up fee on GymMaster (charged once only): $2.30
  • Transaction fee (charged with every payment): $0.95
  • Dishonour fee (charged if the payment fails due to insufficient funds): $4.40

Session Pricing
Pricing for PT sessions are set by the facility and can be found on the Personal trainer page on the website. Please also note that we offer discounts as noted at the bottom of the page when clients buy bulk sessions. This pricing is set at the maximum you can charge clients per session. If you would like to offer further discounts to clients on any session you may. There is no restriction on providing any discount you wish. This standard pricing is available for review by all trainers. If you feel you would like to review the pricing please bring this up at the PT meetings. All trainers and the facility will need to agree on the new pricing.

The facility and the trainers collectively set the pricing that we charge our clients for Personal training sessions. We review these prices twice annually to see if we are keeping in line with PT Pricing in the wider market. Also depending on how many years of experience you have determines how much you can charge at Affinity Fitness. 
Click here for our most up to date session prices:

Client Payments
You may choose to take payments from Clients directly into your bank account or take them over the counter. Whichever you prefer.

Please keep a very tidy record of these payments and monitor how many sessions the clients have completed.
If you or your client prefers to pay over the counter for any reason whatsoever they may, this will allow them to pay via EFTPOS or credit card and will allow them to receive a receipt if they require one.

For any payments that your clients make over the counter, you will need to invoice the facility. We will provide a template invoice for you to use. Please note there is a 3.75% processing fee that the facility will charge. This fee covers our cost for the EFTPOS and processing of these payments.

Gym Keys

Gym Key Fob
Once set up on GymMaster, Remy will provide you with a gym key fob. This will provide access through both the front door, gym door and Outdoor gym doors. If lost a replacement key is $15. If this key fails to provide access it may be because your rental payment has not gone through or the key may be broken. If a key is undamaged and fails we will replace it for free.

PT Room Key
Remy will also provide you with a PT room key. This Key will open the PT room. Please ensure you have this on your person at all times while in the facility. please also make sure the door is locked at all times the room is not in use. If Lost a replacement key is $45.

Lunch Room
The code for the lunchroom is C107X. You may help yourself to the amenities upstairs including tea, coffee, fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and bathroom. Please keep this area as clean as possible and ensure all dishes are washed and re-stacked for our other staff.

PT Meetings


PT meetings
Personal trainer meetings can be as regular as once every month up until once every couple of months. It will depend on how many topics we have to cover. These will be held in the office meeting room at the gym. Minutes will be available at reception if you are unable to make the meeting. You will be sent an E-invite via email for these meetings. Please let Zane know if you can’t make it.