Personal Trainers
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Personal Trainers

Make your workouts count with a personalised Affinity Fitness programme and our results-driven personal trainers!
Our qualified professional trainers specialise in a variety of training methods aimed at getting you the right results while taking into account your goals and fitness level. Whether it be just a workout plan or a full set of scheduled training. They can assist and motivate you on your journey to achieving maximum results!

Je Endrina

Personal Trainer


Muscle Toning & Sculpting, Weight loss, Functional strength, Physical/Mental development & Nutritional Guidance.


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The key to success is to form a solid foundation in the beginning. Je’s competitive fitness and bodybuilding experience leads to his passion to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you are new or experienced in the gym; Je’s knowledge and skill set in this field will drive your current objective the extra mile. Regardless of your current conditioning, Je’s skills, guidance and support will assist your fitness journey with the proper integration of a personalised fitness program. You are in great hands!

Je’s Specialities: Muscle toning and sculpting, Weight loss and muscular endurance, Functional strength training, Training type and Nutritional advice for different fitness goals

Contact Information

ph: 027 914 4311

[email protected]


Laura Wyatt

Personal Trainer


Fitness for Life, Weight Loss, Toning, Strengthening and General Fitness Coaching and Advice.

“Bring on Body Toning and Weight loss!”

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Laura’s passion for health and coaching people have combined with her vast knowledge of nutrition, exercise physiology and anatomy to ensure you see the results you want. Fitness has always been a part of Laura’s life. Her commitment to leading others toward a balanced lifestyle is what drives her enthusiasm for personal training. Laura’s experience in a range of sporting practices including regular gym training, allows her to help clients from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals.

Laura’s Specialities: Fitness for life, weight loss, toning, strengthening, general fitness coaching and advice.

Contact Information

ph: 027 372 2132

[email protected]


Nathan McGregor

Personal Trainer


Injury Prevention/Rehab, Running Coaching, Multi Sport Training, Holistic Life Style Coaching, General Fitness & Conditioning.

“Your health is your wealth”

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Human performance is the difference between surviving and thriving. Your health and well being is not about how your body looks, but more about how it feels, how it functions and how it performs in your daily life. Whether you want to be the healthiest parent you can be as a role model to your kids, an ultra marathon runner or you’re recovering from an injury. Nathan has 10 years of experience to draw from. Nathan approaches his training practice with a belief and vision to improve health, fitness and overall well-being of his clients to their greatest potential.

Nathan’s Specialities: Injury Prevention/Rehab, Running Coaching, Multi Sport Training, Holistic Life Style Coaching, General Fitness & Conditioning.

Contact Information

ph: 027 316 1282

[email protected]


Personal Training Prices

Gym Introduction P.T Session
(FREE with any Membership)

come and have a 20-30 minute chat with one of our experienced trainers who can help you to set realistic and achievable goals or help you to work some of the equipment if you need a quick refresher.

Gym Program - $30

Get a Specialised workout program designed for you, introduction to the equipment and your workouts in the gym and set your future fitness goals. Highly Recommended!

30 minutes of Personal Training - $35

A flexible session in which our personal trainer adapts exercises to best suits your training goals. Specifically focusing on maximising your workout potential while engaging correct form and posture. This is perfect for those that want to make the most out of their short workout.

1 hour of Personal training - $60

A Full hour Session adapted to your preferred type of training.
Use one of our trainer’s popular training plans or bring your own, this session is about you and developing your workouts in a safe and diverse style. This is ideal for those that take their workouts seriously and want fast fitness results.

2 on 1 session for 1 hour - $90

Bring a friend and take the journey together toward a fit and healthy lifestyle. Having a workout buddy is the best way to stay motivated!

3 on 1 session for 1 hour - $125

Bring 2 friends and take group training to the next level! This is the most affordable way to work-out with our qualified P.Ts!

For full prices and further information on our gym facilities visit our Contact Page, or book a trainer above.

Nutrition Guidance Sessions - $60

This interactive customised session will evaluate your nutrition and add structure to your diet, ensuring you get the most from your workouts.
Our trainers will examine your weekly food intake, analyse and add value to areas which will make a huge difference to your training, energy levels and enable you to see results sooner!

Pay for 5 sessions up front – save 10%
Pay for 10 or more sessions up front – save 20%

If not an Affinity member add $7.00 per non-member to the session
(prices are subject to review and change)