Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

Make your workouts count with a personalised Affinity Fitness programme and our results-driven personal trainers!
Our qualified professional trainers specialise in a variety of training methods aimed at getting you the right results while taking into account your goals and fitness level. Whether it be just a workout plan or a full set of scheduled training. They can assist and motivate you on your journey to achieving maximum results!

Ron Lewis

Head Personal Trainer


Mindset, Fitness, Toning & Weights, Sport specific, Rehab, Flexibility, Boxing & Kick Boxing for fun & fitness. Individuals & Groups.

"Lets Do This Guys!"

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Falling short of your goals? Need a boost in motivation? Ron thrives on helping people just like you “crush” their health & fitness goals. Ron is an expert mind coach & developer of Sportzmind, a Mental preparation system for sport, currently being sold worldwide. He is a Master Personal Trainer with 25 years of experience in the health & fitness industry. (Former fitness manager CCC) Ron is also a disciplined & dedicated Martial Artist, with 40 years of teaching & training experience. If you want to take your goals to the next level, succeed like never before contact him for a free no obligation chat. He loves to chat!

Ron's Specialities: Mindset, Fitness, Toning & Weights, Sport specific, Rehab, Flexibility, Boxing & Kick Boxing for fun & fitness. Individuals & Groups.

Contact Information

ph: 027 435 5031

[email protected]


Melissa Burrell

Personal Trainer


Weight Loss & Functional Training, Pre/Post Natal Women, Muscle Toning, Marathon Prep, Specific Sport Training programs, Rehabilitation & Paraplegic Clients


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Mel’s bubbly and passionate personality is infectious to anyone that trains with her. Her sharp and energetic sessions thirst for your results. . With high energy, passion & drive that is specifically catered to your individual goals and ability. Alongside variances of boxing & compound strength mobility movements.
She has a key eye to detail involving her rehab university study of core activation, arthritis & posterior chain stimulation, to minimise the potential of spinal issues in the lumbar back region. – This is a huge factor in society today. Mel’s enthusiastic motivation paired with her determined marathon runner mindset is the perfect way to get energy and mobility back into your life!

Mel's Specialities: Weight Loss & Functional Training, Pre/Post Natal Women, Boxing Bootcamps & Circuit Classes, Hypertrophy/ Muscle Toning, Marathon Training Preparation, Periodisation Specific Sport Training programs, Rehabilitation & Paraplegic Clients, TRX, Boxing and Circuit Class

Contact Information

ph: 027 380 3958

[email protected]


Nick John

Personal Trainer


Posture Analysis & Corrective Exercises, Functional Strength & Mobility, Weight loss, Muscle Gain.

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

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Nick believes that workouts should be challenging, varied and fun! He will help you achieve your goals through customised workouts that are science-backed, future focused, and sustainable. I care about my clients, and there is nothing more important to me than helping them to feel empowered through achieving their goals. One of my specialities is weight loss. I know how being overweight affects your whole life, and I want to be there for those who want to bring about change.
Nick is available for 1-on-1, Couples, and Small-group workout sessions.

Nick's Specialities: Posture Analysis & Corrective Exercises, Functional Strength & Mobility, Weight loss, Muscle Gain. 

Contact Information

ph: 021 199 1386

[email protected]


Personal Training Prices

Gym Introduction P.T Session

(Free with any full membership)
Come and have a 20-30 minute chat with one of our experienced trainers who can help you to set realistic and achievable goals or help you to work some of the equipment if you need a quick refresher. *Terms and Conditions apply, membership must be a month to month or longer than a 3 month minimum term.

Gym Program - $39

Get a Specialised workout program designed for you, to assist in setting your future fitness goals. The trainer will cater to your strengths, weaknesses and your end physical vision. Highly Recommended!

Customised Gym Performance Program - POA

Ask your PT about how they can customised a specialised gym programme. They can build a comprehensive programme designed specifically for advanced/unique athletes and competitors.

Gym Program & In-Gym Run Through - $69

Get a Specialised workout program designed for you, as well as a 30 minute run through of what your new program entails. A perfect option for those new to the gym, or those looking to mix up their workout routine.

30 minutes of Personal Training - $49

A flexible session in which our personal trainer adapts exercises to best suits your training goals. Specifically focusing on maximising your workout potential while engaging correct form and posture. This is perfect for those that want to make the most out of their short workout.

45 minutes of personal training - $55

Our trainers always say 45 minutes is the sweet spot. Get the perfect workout in with one of our experienced trainers. The 45 minute option is fantastic for those who know what their goals are, and looking to get a solid workout in.

1 hour of Personal training - $69

A Full hour Session adapted to your preferred type of training.
Use one of our trainer’s popular training plans or bring your own, this session is about you and developing your workouts in a safe and diverse style. This is ideal for those that take their workouts seriously and want fast fitness results.

2 on 1 session for 1 hour - $99

Bring a friend and take the journey together toward a fit and healthy lifestyle. Having a workout buddy is the best way to stay motivated!

3 on 1 session for 1 hour - $129

Bring 2 friends and take group training to the next level! This is the most affordable way to work-out with our qualified P.Ts!

For full prices and further information on our gym facilities visit our Contact Page, or book a trainer above.

Nutrition Guidance Sessions - Ask Your PT

This interactive customised session will evaluate your nutrition and add structure to your diet, ensuring you get the most from your workouts.
Our trainers will examine your weekly food intake, analyse and add value to areas which will make a huge difference to your training, energy levels and enable you to see results sooner!

Pay for 5 sessions up front – save 5%
Pay for 10 sessions up front – save 10%
Pay for 20 or more sessions up front - save 20%

If not an Affinity member add $7.00 per non-member to the session
(prices are subject to review and change)