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Up to 30% Off Memberships

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As move into spring, we know this is crunch time. Abs are on the menu, and we’re offering up to 30% off our 24/7 memberships, starting at just $7.49 per week. For those who don’t already know, we’ve also got an outdoor training area arriving late spring, along with brand new classes popping up throughout the remainder of the year. …

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Affinity Fitness’ Most Loyal Members!

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Over the past few weeks our most loyal members have come in and collected their prizes – some of which have been training at affinity fitness since we opened in 2013! The hardest part about joining a gym is no training, it’s showing up. Every week. These guys have all had their own journeys, and it’s awesome to see the …

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Only Outdoor Gym In Christchurch arriving at Affinity Fitness!

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We were thinking… How can we make Affinity Fitness even better for our members? What’s something no other gym in Christchurch has done yet? Let’s build an OUTDOOR GYM! Affinity Fitness is building Christchurch’s first professional outdoor gym, stacked with Tire Flipping, Sprint Track, Monkey Bars, Power Cages and Functional Open Training Areas. This will arrive in time for you …