Our Fitness Classes

We have Task Force, IntenseAF, Gravity and Primal that will help you achieve your fitness goals! Explore all our fitness classes below.

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Designed To Make You Sweat.

Train like a soldier in this 45 minute functional fitness class! Includes light weights and cardio exercises. perfect for all levels of fitness.


Work Hard, Power On, Shred Fat.

Prepare yourself to work hard, Power on and shred body fat! Our HITT high intensity style class is the ultimate 45 minute full body blast. perfect for medium to advanced fitness levels of fitness.


Get Fit And Toned In Our Body Weight Class.

Get fit and toned in our 45 minute body weight class, come prepared for squats, push ups and burpies, This fun class is a great place to find that slender toned figure and is the best place to start off your fitness journey.


This is Zuu taken to the next level.

Zuu style takes a trip back to nature to explore how powerful animal movement really are! Become stronger and more flexible than you have ever been. You won’t find many classes that work all these many muscle groups at once. This class 45 minute suits anyone who has a reasonable range of movement and level of fitness.


Let’s get ready to Rumble

Fighting fit is a fun, non body contact, box-fit workout.


Remove Stress, Strengthen Your Core And Release Tension.

Learn an exercise you can take with you anywhere. Welcome in Peace, Flexibility & Toning.