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We have Task Force, HIIT Team, Yoga, Fighting Fit, Strength & Conditioning and Primal that will help you achieve your fitness goals!
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Work Hard, Power On, Shred Fat.

Prepare yourself to work hard, Power on and shred body fat like never before! Our HITT high intensity style class is the ultimate 30 minute full body blast. Perfect for medium to advanced fitness levels of fitness.

Task Force

Get fit and lean fast with Affinity’s Task Force class

Each class focuses on functional movement methods to burn fat, while building lean muscle and increase cardiovascular fitness.


Get Fit And Toned In An Electric Atmosphere

Become your best toned self in the 45min Electric Tone Zone with a steady flare of high energy and thirst for your results!


Take your fitness experience to the next level with our first ever outdoor class!

Expect functional movements and weights equipment. This class features everything from squats, kettlebell swings, Sled push to Sprinting, box jumps and sit-ups.


Let’s get ready to Rumble

Fighting fit is a fun, non body contact, box-fit workout. Women only class and mixed class available. 


Remove Stress, Strengthen Your Core And Release Tension.

Learn an exercise you can take with you anywhere. Welcome in Peace, Flexibility & Toning.