$300 Cash Prize for the best transformation
+ Spot Prizes!

Begins October 12th 2020
Ends December 7th 2020

What's Included:

Both Home and Gym Workout Plans

Fat Burning Meal Plan

Group Outings

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Group Training

24/7 Gym Access

Access to private facebook group

Spot Prizes

$300 Cash Prize

Weekly Check Ins

Access to Affinity Fitness Classes

Challenge Break-Up Party

"I'm blown away the changes I've seen over these 8 weeks. Absolutely incredible."

- Katie C.

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Meet the Trainers

Shannon says when you feel your mind give up, you’ve only used 40% of your body’s capabilities. A lot of us give up on that first sign of weakness or pain. Let me help you push through that barrier, and we can create a stronger, and a more stable foundation for not only your training but your mentality too! I want to help those who struggle in knowing what’s right for them when it comes to their nutrition and training because everyone is different, no body works the same and I want to help everyone realise that! My passion lies in Nutrition around training, nutrition in general and specialty baking (check out my blog,  crossfit, Fitness for females, pilates and mobility work.

Alana has a fun fact! did you know that most of us use less than 50 percent of our body’s full range of movement and potential in our everyday lives?
Let me help you change that, with better movement, we can lead better lives! Alana is a dedicated yogi, acrobatic enthusiast, and a long-time lover of weightlifting with over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry. Her focus is on helping others achieve their long and short term goals, built on a passion to see people grow and feel better in their own bodies. So if you’re just starting out, getting back into the gym or a seasoned warrior that just wants some new ideas, contact Alana – she is always happy to help!