COVID-19 Protection Framework Update

As part of the covid protection framework, the government has mandated that gyms and health clubs may only operate effectively if customers visiting the gym have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and can produce a valid NZ vaccine pass.
While we absolutely regret having to exclude anyone of our members from the gym we understand that Affinity must abide by the new protection framework and do our part to ensure we keep both our customers and our community safe. During these times of heightened restrictions, we will look to ensure the gym operates as normally as possible and have outlined below what we will require from you and some a link to the most common FAQs.

What will you need to do?
Once we move into the Traffic light framework at 11.59 pm on Thursday 2nd December all Affinity key tags will be deactivated. It is very simple to reactivate your key tag, all you need to do is visit Reception during staffed hours or screenshot and email your Vaccine Pass to [email protected].
If emailing we will respond to let you know your keycard has been reactivated. Please understand this may not be immediate.
If reactivating your key tag at Reception please visit during staffed hours. We will use the Vaccine Pass Verifier app to check your vaccine pass on your phone or a hard copy. Once done we will update your membership in our system and you will be back to using the gym a per normal.

Level 2 staffed hours:
Mon-Thur: 12pm - 7:30pm
Friday: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday: 12pm - 2pm


If I have the Bring a friend add-on. Will my friends be required to have their valid Vaccine Pass?
Yes, As per normal you are allowed to nominate 2 friends for this Add-on (1 friend per entry per day). They will be required to either have their Vaccine Pass verified in person at reception or screenshot and email through their Vaccine pass to [email protected] Please ensure they include your Name in the email e.g. “ John smith - Friend of Janice Smith”.

Do I have to show my Vaccine Pass at each entry?
No, you will only be required to show and have it verified once at reception.

Do you require your Second dose to enter the facility?
Yes, As the government has specified you will require both doses before being able to enter the gym.

What if someone in my home is unvaccinated?
This will not matter if friends or family are unvaccinated. Only you will be required to be vaccinated if you are attending the gym.

Will Affinity Staff be fully vaccinated?
Yes, all our staff are fully Vaccinated

Do I need to book to come into the gym?
No, Affinity will not require you to book to enter the gym in level 2 or the traffic light framework.

Do I need to wear a mask while at the gym?
We recommend that you wear a mask when you are not working out in the facility. For instance in the changing rooms or at reception. Masks are not required while working out.
We will be monitoring any health guidelines and will update you when masks are no longer recommended.