Bring a Friend For $3.99 Per Week!

Do you have one of those friends you love training with, but they're too short on cash for a membership? Or do you like to mix it up, and train with a new friend each session? Look no further, Affinity Fitness has introduced a 'Bring A Friend' add-on for just $3.99 per week.

Training with a gym-buddy is proven to increase motivation, improve exercise form and help push you to your limits to achieve your goals. If this sounds like something you're interested in - just add the bring a friend add-on when building your membership online, or ask over reception if you sign up at the gym!

A few points worth mentioning:

  • Your friend must sign in on our iPad each time you visit!
  • You can only train with one friend at a time
  • You can check in one friend per day
  • You must always train harder, and lift more than your friend.*

*Does not apply.