About Affinity Fitness

Our Gym Staff

Our Mission

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    Our mission is to deliver a friendly, affordable and high-quality gym facility with the aim to benefit people from all backgrounds and fitness levels.

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    The goal is to create a personable and easy to use environment best serving every one of our clients in achieving their health and fitness ambitions.

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    We believe in Kaizen, the practice of never-ending improvement and self-development, for our valued members and Affinity.

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    To us, the spirit of “Affinity” is defined as taking a natural liking, attraction and understanding to health, fitness and personal progression. This is what we would like to pass onto our members.

Our Staff

  • Sheryl

    Sheryl is our client service & sales super star. She’s here at Affinity six days a week, ready to greet you with a smile and answer any of your questions.

  • Laura

    Laura is our gym instructor & client service assistant. She’s a qualified personal trainer and highly knowledgeable when it comes to improving your experience.

  • James

    James looks after marketing and graphic design, keeping our gym members informed with the latest updates, new classes and specials.

  • Maree

    Financial manager of Affinity and business manager at Proactive Martial Arts. Behind the scenes she keeps everything ticking over.